M A I N   M E N U
 C O M P A N Y   P R O F I L E


It gives us a great pleasure to introduce our organisation to you. Our organization is propelled by the new South African vision to work together and grow together. Our aim is to become a critical role player in the current and future socio-economic development. Lakhizwenande Afrika Foundation, which means, ‘African people let’s build our nation and you all shall prosper and be fruitful’.

The organization was founded in November 2008, the organization was formed based on our efforts to instil the spirit of ubuntu in our youth, to encourage their African pride and to mobilize them for the struggle against social problems that many black South African communities are facing, i.e. unemployment, poverty, skills shortages, illiteracy, crime, HIV/AIDS, orphans, homelessness, teenage pregnancies, abuse/violence to women & children, lack of access to basic infrastructure like clean running water, electricity, basic sanitation, schools, hospitals, etc. We trust that by partnering, promoting and supporting existing government and non-government initiatives can have a more positive impact in creating a better life for all.

Our role is to address these issues by implementing various strategies to mitigate or eliminate such setbacks together with the facilitation of community investment programmes through awareness, basic training and skills development.



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